W. B. Whaley

Recorded at Pineville South Carolina

World Record Channel Cat

1964. This record has stood for quite a long time as you can see by the type of picture.
This brute tipped the scales at 58lbs.!!

Tim Pruitt

Mississippi River

World Record Blue Cat

May 2005. Tim Pruitt caught the new world record blue cat. This Mississippi River brute weighed
in at 124lbs. was 58" long and 44" around!

Ken Paulie

Elk City Reservoir, Kansas

World Record Flathead

The HUGE Flathead was caught on May 14th 1998 and topped the scales at 123lbs!!!!. Now
heres the go-getter.....Ken caught this thing on a Zebco 33 reel, spooled with 12lb test
line!?! Now just try to imagine that fight in the back of your mind!


Adam Konrad

Recorded at Lake Diefenbaker, Canada

World Record Rainbow Trout

June 2007, Lake Diefenbaker, Canada. He was casting from shore using an orange, 4-inch
Mepps Syclops spoon on 6-pound line. The final tally after the 20-minute tussle to get the
bruiser 'bow to shore: 43.6 pounds, 38.75 inch in length and a girth of 34 inches. Should
the numbers stand, Adam Konrad will hold the all-tackle world record for rainbow trout,
eclipsing the 42-pound, 2-ounce standard that was set by a boy, David White, in June 1970
on Alaska's Bell Island.

Howard "Rip" Collins

Little Red River, Arkansas

World Record German Brown Trout

May 1992. At 40.4lbs, This monster was caught by Rip Collins on a 1/32oz olive green maribou jig and
was fought with an ultralight rod and reel loaded with 4lb test line!

Tim Matheson

Manitoba, Canada

World Record Brook Trout

Nov. 2006. This magnificent fish below was caught by Tim Matheson of Manitoba. The Brook
Trout (Speckled Trout) was 29 inches long with a 21-inch girth. Based on an accepted Brook
Trout weight calculation formula, the Brookie was 15.98625 pounds, which is 1.49 pounds
bigger than Dr. JW Cook's 1915 World Record Brook Trout.


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